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Have you seen the Masquerade, seen them skulking in the night? Heard a creak, watched them sneak, seen their faces, masked in white? Have you seen the Masquerade, seen them clad in coats of black? Felt a thrill, seen blood spill, felt their daggers in your back?
Beware. Beware the Masquerade.

Hamden. City of swine, people call it, and that’s on both ends of the class divide. The capital of Aldland, Hamden has been increasingly unkind to most of its citizens, pressing them into industrial service with little reward for the high risk they undertake in effort to feed their families. Prostitution and drug use are rampant. Poorer districts are rife with thievery, murder, and worse. For many, it seems there is no escape.

The prospects for the rest of the country are not much better. Colonial expansion has hit major setbacks in the New West. In Aldland, war with neighbouring states seems an inevitability. With the aristocracy charged with taking the lead in battle (an archaic custom, but one the legislature has preserved out of a sense of honor/self-importance), even the very rich mutter and wring their hands as their prosperity becomes more and more at risk.

This is also a time of great scientific advancement. Airships, subaquatic vessels, and hundreds of other wonders and trinkets forged of brass and powered by coal-fired steam are arriving in markets and exhibition halls across the land. Optimists find much to look forward to, with new combinations of technology and magic offering exciting possibilities for technological (and even social) revolution.

There is then the Masquerade. Where they come from is anybody’s guess, though they appear in some of the earliest pieces of Aldish art, meaning the group has certainly existed for some time. Their motives are unknown, but those horrible white masks have become a symbol of darkness of the times. Death and destruction seem to follow in their wake, and every passing dawn brings new rumours of some new sighting, some strange new activity they’ve involved themselves in.

And You. You are not like the others in this city. You are exceptional. That’s why, when you were invited to a clandestine meeting in a dark, dangerous part of town, you decided you would go. That’s why, when you unwrapped the parcel included with the invitation and saw the plain mask with instructions to work it as you would, you found a chisel or paintbrush and began to create your new face.

Whatever your reason, you’re drawn to this gathering. It begins tonight at midnight.

Please see the Character Creation Guide page to get started.

Main Page

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