Character Creation Guide

Here are the rules for creating your character.

You can choose one of the following races.

If there’s something else you want, let me know. We’ll discuss.

And one of the following classes

A Brief History of Aldland

  • 3200 Years Ago: Aldland First Settled by Humans.
  • 3000 Years Ago: Human expansion provokes war with native Orc population. Wildmen fight on both sides as mercenaries.
  • 2700 Years Ago: Orcs defeated and enslaved. Aldland’s ruling family now unopposed.
  • 1000 Years Ago: Remarkable period of stability ends after a coup sees Aldland’s ruling family deposed.. Harsh military rule follows.
  • 900 Years Ago: An alliance of nearby powers invades and captures Aldland. New rulers installed.
  • 700 Years Ago: Exclusionary business practices have seen the foreign immigrants take over the upper classes of Aldland.
  • 400 Years Ago: A revolt by an alliance of Aldland’s destitute and Orcish slaves is quashed. As appeasement, slavery is ended and integration of Orcs into slums and rural areas begins.
  • 200 Years Ago: Rumblings of a coup by the elite force the ruling family to step down. They remain ceremonial heads of state, while all real power is held by the legislature.
  • 198 Years Ago: Legislature approves expansion to the new world found far to the West.
  • 150 Years Ago: A army lands, attacks, and is quelled. Trade opens between the two powers, introducing powerful foreign narcotics to Aldland.
  • 95 Years Ago: Rail systems begin to be constructed across Aldland.
  • 80 Years Ago: A horrid drought and ensuing famine kill thousands across Aldland.
  • 60 Years Ago: Rail systems begin to be constructed in the colonies.
  • 30 Years Ago: An airship prototype takes flight, but is lost to the winds.
  • 15 years ago: First successful airship flight and landing.

Names, Appearance, & Personality

If your character comes from Aldland’s/Hamden’s aristocracy (Possible races: Humans, some part-humans), they should have a Spanish (from Spain) name.

If your character is from the lower classes (Possible races: Humans, some part-humans, non-humans who have adopted human names for life in human-dominated societies), they should have an English (from England) name. Or they might be from a family that once had money, in which case they might have a Spanish name.

Unless you specifically want your character to wear armor, your character will not be wearing armor, but can still get the benefits of armored clothing in a different way. I’ll explain how it works when we meet.


The setting is more or less a mimic of Victorian London, plus the usual steampunk stuff. Select your character’s clothing accordingly, and use that background as inspiration for their behaviour and personality.

If you want your character to be a person who is from, or spent time in the colonies, you may also use western cowboys as inspiration for your character.

Those are just for typical people. Your character can behave oddly and wear strange clothing, but that will attract a lot of attention. Keep that in mind.

Let me know if you need more history to flesh out your character, or if you decide you want one of the really weird races that are options. I’ll let you know what the back stories are for those.

Character Creation Guide

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